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Wondermug Carina Plus

Carina Plus magic mug made of ceramic, mug with a large print area. Design individual photo mugs - with a design of your choice. An additional feature of this mug is the black Wondermug coating. If a hot liquid is poured in, the coating becomes transparent and the printed image becomes visible.

A WOW effect that will bring the advertising message to mind again and again.

The plus print is finally printed with on color of ColdColor palette

Hand wash recommended

More details

Height 95.00 mm
Diameter 80.00 mm
Capacity 0.30 L
Article number A2731
Material ceramics
Packaging unit 36
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Special refinement

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Standard carton (36 mugs)
Carton for 1 mug, thin carton
disposal carton for 1 mug
single-Box polystyrene
shipping carton for 1 mug
shipping carton for 2 mugs
shipping carton for 4 mugs
shipping carton for 6 mugs
carton for 2 mugs
carton for 4 mugs
carton for 6 mugs
carton with display window for 1 mug
transparent packaging for 1 mug